Friday, December 18, 2015

Escape to Wonderland Buffet

If you want a sweetness overloaded Christmas....
Remember to dine in Coffee Terrace,
In Genting Grand (Lobby Floor),
From 1st December 2015 to 3 January 2016...

Let's Escape to Wonderland together....
By having this Escape to Wonderland Buffet!~

The buffet spread is available for lunch,
Noon to 2:30pm at RM55 for adults,
And RM20 for children..
Buffet dinner from 5pm to 9:30pm,
Is priced at RM88 for adults...
And RM35 for children..

I decided to start my Xmas buffet meal..
With Western food!~
Cutie little burger,
And many more~~~~~~

Adding some spice to my meal...
Spicy Indian dishes, Asian style!~

No need to fly over to Japan...
Also can taste yummy sashimi,
And superb Japanese food~~~
Above the clouds~~~

Our Mango Dessert...
The Pancake is super duper yummy!~
Must try!~

Sweetness overload..
With lollipop angry birds...

Fountain for Marshmallow!!!~
Not only chocolate fountain...
But more than that!!!~

Super sweet temptations!!!~
With Gummy peach ring,
Kiwi Jelly rainbow twist,
Cotton Candies,
Ice Cream, Cendol,
Pop Corn..
And many many more~~~~~~~~

We had a marvelously sweet Xmas meal...
Really thought I escape to wonderland for that moment!~
Syok to maximum!!!


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  1. omg that gigantic cupcakes!! it's indeed a wonderland :P i can easily satisfy myself with lots of pictures there

  2. Great place for family to gather!
    So mch of food selection....hmm...I miss genting LOL

  3. I like the lollipop angry birds. I can eat so many of these!

  4. so nice & sweet the xmas deco for this place :) am sure the friends/ family gatherings at this place would be with a great sweet memories :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  5. Didn't know Genting serve nice buffet at affordable price!

  6. the buffet price look affordable and they provide a variety of food to try out!

  7. Great place to spend with family and friends. And the buffet price is reasonable.

  8. So tempted to have buffet at Coffee Terrace again. Miss all the sweetness.

  9. The decoration so cute especially the big cupcake!

  10. OMG! The deco of the food looks so fairyland! Love it! I bet the taste is good too

  11. I also brings my parent for buffet during Christmas but not at Genting. Too pack that time at Genting.

  12. So many food to choose! Definitely a wonderland for buffet!

  13. nice deco~ I think i will visit Genting next time for their buffet :D

  14. yay for more genting delights.. yummy :D

  15. Love buffet a lot! Long time didn't go Genting.. hhaha... Thanks for sharing

  16. I didnt know there were such place in Genting. Look at all those foods!! *OMG*

  17. i can only say nom nom nom....happy new year

  18. Wow such an awesome trip at Genting Highlands with good food and activities.

  19. such nice food there in great weather, i think there's too many things to eat in Genting

  20. Nice place for gathering or celebration, the buffet spread looks very appetizing :)