Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Oriental Thai, Pullman Bangsar

Oriental Thai Restaurant,
Located in Pullman Bangsar...
Serving Chinese Thai Fusion Cuisine...

It's pretty new restaurant operating less than 6 months..
The environment is very spacious, comfortable and cosy!~
I'd say that,
It's more than just a Chinese restaurant!~
They have private rooms of 1 table, 2 tables to 3 tables!~
It's a great place to have reunion!~

We started off our brunch,
With dim sum!~
I love the serving size...
It's a bit extra bigger,
To the normal xiu mai outside...

Chicken Dumpling Ebiko - RM10

I was attracted to the black skin wrapping...
It's kind of special and unique...
It tasted very yummy,
With its tender scallops...

Squid Dumpling Scallop - RM12

The prawn inside is it's germ and treasure...
It's kind of fresh and nice...

Prawn Dumpling - RM12

Chicken soup with Chinese herbs...
I certainly need this to warm my always cool body,
Immediately feeling my tummy is warm warm..
I super love the aroma and the taste
Simply refreshingly yummy!

Soup of the day - RM14

The chicken is very tender,
The crispiness of the skin is marvelous!~
The topping of fried shallot,
Certainly add the tastiness of this dish!~

Chicken Chef Crisp - RM83

Very freshly cooked...
Deep frying didn't 'steal' away its freshness...
But it added the crispiness to its freshness...
Pairing up with fresh vegetables...
Simply yummy!~

Tiger Grouper Fish Fillets - RM360

This is my top favourite dish!~
I can say this is the best tofu I'd ever tasted so far!~
Bean curd inside is extremely soft...
Soft until it really melt in my mouth,
Just like that...

The sauce added is really perfect match,
For the Luffa Melon Bean!~


Luffa Melon Bean - RM31

This is not an ordinary 'Wah Dan Hor'
It's really a lot more than that!~
With its shinny looking noodle,
I'm truly tempted to try already...
But once I put it in my mouth....
I'm speechless!!!

Another MUST TRY dish!~

Rice Noodle Seafood - RM39.50

This is the first time,
I ended my meal,
With such a refreshing dessert....

The fragrant of chrysanthemum...
And the bouncy jelly....
Making the dish extra outsanding...

Plus a pinch of mint leave...
Totally perfect!~

Lemongrass Jelly - RM14

All these outstanding dishes,
Are especially prepared to us,
By Master Chinese Chef Yip Boon Sheng!~

Oriental Thai Restaurant (Level 1)
Hotel Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar
No.1, Jalan Pantai Jaya,
Tower 3,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone: +603-2298 1888

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