Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Kenny Rogers Hot Fiery Feast

Kenny Rogers Roaster (KRR)
Switches things up
With a spicy and fiery twist,
In latest recipe:
The Hot Fiery Feast!!!

The new recipe comes with,
A Country-style Chicken Soup
And Sesame Penne Pasta!~

The mouhtwatering hot fiery feast,
Will be made available,
In 3 meal options:
The Spicy Chicken & Pasta Meal...
Spicy Chicken & Pasta Lite Meal,
Sesame Penne Pasta Meal,
All from RM17.90 onwards...

 Spicy food lover are going to love this meal!~

Add on RM1.99++ for Kenny's Home-made Muffin,
Or any side dish each with the purchase of the promotion meal
(Maximum of 3 add-ons per meal only)

For more information,
Kindly contact:
03-2110 9888
Or visit www.krr.com.my
Or connect to www.facebook.com/krrmalaysia


  1. I love their muffin!
    Whenever I visit Kenny Rogers, I will be sure to enjoy their muffin. :)

  2. Yummy yummy! Spicy food is always my favourite

  3. yummy! Looks hot and spicy! I know a friend who would love this! But is it still available if i go now?

  4. wanna drop to kenny rogers after office, those make me hungry

  5. I always love their muffin.super yummy!

  6. muffin is my favourite. love their new menu.

  7. I love KRR chicken and their delicious muffin. Times for me to dine-in again now.

  8. omg so hungry! CNY or not I still like Kenny Rogers! Just wished their service is good most times... Very subjective matter varies by outlets sigh.....

  9. I am soooo in love with those muffins..... if there is anything that makes me go to Kenny Rogers it has to be the muffins and of course, the great roast chicken... LOL

  10. love that they are so considerate and cater something for the healthy eater like me. woohooo!

  11. They are famous with their muffin! Miss 'them' so much

  12. Never was a fan of Kenny Rogers, it's too expensive for its prices. Not much value, but I will commend their muffins, they are awesome.

  13. so yummy. That day i want go and taste the new menu buy it looks so pack at Kenny Rogers. Look like next round.

  14. tried it, didn't quite tickle my fancy, but ok la. :D.. hehe.

  15. Looks really yummy food presentation!! I miss their food already TT

  16. i always love krr, just went again this week and every WEd too

  17. I lurve the muffinssss! They always serve before our savouries come out so I have to restrain myself and keep it till I have finished my main meal.

  18. Kenny Rogers! Good old time favourite.

  19. How the Sesame Penne Pasta tasted?